5 Great Reasons why doing origami is a wholesome family experience

For every parent, it’s essential that they allocate a moment of their time and keep tabs on what their family is doing. This includes partaking in certain activities that not only fortify family bonds, but also raise spirits in the home.

Unfortunately, most people tend to spend a large portion of their time in between jobs and thus, rarely have the time to dedicate a few of these vital hours to family bonding.

In turn, family members tend to drift away, as they develop a niche for themselves, and begin pursuing their dreams. That’s when a parent will experience the proverbial could-shoulder from one of their kids and wonder what they did wrong.

That being said, partaking in origami arts is one great way of reconnecting with the family. Here are some of the reasons why one should incorporate it as a household activity.

1. Spending quality time together

From time immemorial, the ancient art of Origami has been passed on from one generation to the next. In fact, this exotic art-form can be traced back to 6th Century Japan, with much of its subtle particulars having still been retained.

Today, origami is practiced in almost every nation, and has become a highly popular concept in the West.

Moreover, the art-form itself is expressive, enabling participants to create spellbinding works of art using only a piece of pare and some folds.

Due to its fun-like nature, one can do origami with the family.

2. Provides the perfect toys to fidget with

Having little hands playing with all sorts of kitchen utensils and appliances can be quite dangerous. Hence, a great way to keep these young albeit curious minds busy is by creating a small pack of origami paper toys.

For starters, these toys will be extremely safe, inexpensive, and highly unlikely to leave a catastrophic mess after the kids are done playing with them for the day.

In fact, the highly popularized fidget pinner actually borrowed a leaf or two from traditional origami designs, so one might even create a paper version of the said toy to keep their kids busy!

3. Gives the brain plenty of exercise

Creating an origami toy from scratch is no walk in the park. It requires plenty of concentration, as well as impeccable hand-eye coordination. Having such high mental concentration will result in one fine-tuning their motor skills. Even more so if it’s a child who starts at an early age.

4. Has you feeling calm, relaxed, and healthy

Making origami art always seems relaxing, doesn’t it? That’s because when the hands are engaged in folding the paper, impulses are sent to the brain and in turn, the release of serotonin takes place.

This is a great because serotonin has a big influence on mood and can make one feel calm, happy, and relaxed. Hence, the family can be relaxed and stress-free

5. Improves math skills

If one of the kids is failing miserably in math, then origami can be a great way to have them gain interest in logical thinking as well as problem solving. They can then carry this same attitude and mentality in their math tests and exams.

In a nutshell, origami is a pretty fun experience regardless of one’s age. Plus there is so much one can take from this art form. For example, here are some great Origami Hat Tips to improve one’s sense of style and fashion!