Best Bikes For People Over 65

Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises a person can do, and because it is low-impact by design, it is a fantastic way for seniors to stay in shape, maintaining their flexibility and mobility. However, despite knowing the benefits of cycling, many seniors refrain from buying a bicycle because they are unsure of the safest option. Seniors tend to lose a bit of confidence in their balance, which means finding the right bicycle is key, so what is the best bike for seniors


A cruiser or comfort bike is one of the most comfortable bikes a senior can ride. The design allows the rider to remain in the upright position because the handlebars curve backward and the pedals get a forward position. While the bike is comfy, it is not suited for seniors who are not confident with balance or those who want to explore varied terrains. Cruiser bikes typically have a fixed speed, with some having three, which means it is best on smooth and level surfaces.

City Bikes

City bikes are similar to cruisers but do not have the same leisurely feel. The handlebars tend to be straight across and the pedals not as far forward, meaning that riders might still need to lean forward to ride. Depending on the senior’s back and flexibility, a city bike is an excellent option for those wishing to commute through the city. Bonus za rejestrację bez depozytu 2022.

Step-Through Bikes

Sticking to the cruiser and city bike lineup, seniors might want to check out step-through bikes. These bicycles feature a low frame without the standard crossbar design, meaning that people with less mobility can step through the frame to get situated on the seat and pedals. However, while a step-through bike might resolve a flexibility issue, it does not combat balance problems.

Adult Trikes

3 wheel bikes for seniors can solve many problems for the aging population. The bicycles are typically lower to the ground, have upright seats, and the tricycle design means that balance is no longer an issue. The beauty with adult trikes is that some of them have higher weight limits, meaning that a senior looking to start an exercise routine to lose weight might have better luck with a trike.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes can be similar to trikes, coming in a tricycle or tadpole design. The seats are usually lower to the ground, and the rider is in a reclined position, meaning that it might be easier for an older person to get onto the bike. For more advanced riders, you can also find two-wheeled recumbents, but that option should be reserved for those who feel tremendously confident.

Electric Bikes

Most bike options, trikes and city bikes, also have electric options. E-bikes can allow seniors to participate in family bike rides or long-distance rides without becoming too exhausted.

Are you a senior looking for a bike? Consider reaching out to a local bicycle shop and talking to some of the employees. Most of the time, a seasoned professional can help you make a selection that is just right for your needs and ability.