Keeping your bed warm and cozy in winters!

Winter time is a very cold and lazy period of the year. After coming back home from the outside frost, all of us want to get comfortable inside the safety of home. However, your house will not automatically get up to temperature, because the ambient weather will also keep your rooms cold. Even though the body is a natural radiator that produces its own heat, it needs some external measures in order to retain that heat, or else it gets lost. Due to this, there are certain ways in which you can keep the heat this winter season, and the best thing is that these tips also serve as home decor items!

Blankets and Duvets:

The most common way to retain heat is to get under a thick blanket. Blankets and Duvets online have the ability to insulate heat due to their thickness, which means that the warmth is not lost to the air. They are available in a variety of materials, such as cotton, nylon, wool, synthetic fibers and feathers. The main difference between a blanket and duvet is that a blanket is heavy and traps heat, while a duvet or comforter can adapt to your body’s own temperature and is usually a lot lighter. Hence, duvets have the ability to not get too hot and stuffy, although the liking for that only comes down to personal preference.

white bed mattress

Heated Bedding:

Technology for heating the mattress itself exists. It works by having coils of copper wires that heat up when electricity is applied. The effect is that the surface of the mattress gets warmer. This is an up and coming technology and isn’t seen in too many households because of lesser availability and its price. Electric bedding also works on a similar principle, but these warm the body from above and not below, like electric mattresses.

Woolen Clothes:

You should also try wearing warm woolens inside as well. Although it’s absurd to wear trench coats or heavy jackets in bed, you can still wear body warmers as well as pull over sweater when you go to sleep. Also, wearing flannel stitched pajamas also keep you warm. Gloves and socks help to retain heat in your extremities.  The options of clothing are very wide, and most people have warm clothes with them anyway, hence this is a very effective method.

Electric Heaters:

Electric heaters sufficiently raise the temperature of the room using electricity. This is usually done by heating up a metal element which then radiates heat into the room. These are very powerful tools and can raise the temperature of the room in a very short time. The drawback of electric heaters is that it consumes a lot of electricity so it cannot be left on for long periods of time. It should only be used in short bursts because the heat is sustained in the room for a few hours.

With these methods, even you can ensure that your winter sleep is not spent shivering, but warm and cozy in the comforts of your bedtime.