Best Electronics for Traveling

Electronic gadgets have become an inseparable part of human life. They aid in a variety of functions and make the lives of users easier but it is very hard to carry regular electronic items while traveling. However, advancements in the field of technology and communications have led to the development of portable electronic gadgets which are ideal for carrying during travel. Keep in mind that you need to pack the bare minimum while travelling and so your choice of electronic items should depend on your needs. I’m one of those people who always accidentally takes way, way too much stuff with me, so finding good stuff you can use for a number of reasons or that doesn’t take up too much space is key. Here are some of my suggestions:


Save Space with Multipurpose Gadgets

You can now find Walkin’ Bag carry-on bags that double up as lawn chairs. Large enough to accommodate many clothes comfortably, the can transform easily into a desk or chair. Moreover, the bag remains equipped with four wheel spinners which makes it the perfect travel companion.  Another brilliant multipurpose gadget that helps during travel is the InnexElectrohub. This device may be used to target and charge up to sixgadgets at the same time using wirelessly. The GL20 Camera Sunglasses from Polaroid are really cool and serve the purpose of both sunglasses and a quality camera while you are on the road. Users are allowed to instantly capture a picture using the built-in camera and upload the photos.


Touch Accessories

If you tend to travel a lot, you will require accessories which are durable and can withstand wear-and-tear. The Protect and Play iPhone case serves just that function. It offers extra protection to the phone by encasing it in a high chemical resistant, heat and high impact polymer.  If you want to capture video instead of images, you can opt for the Playsport video camera which is being touted in the electronic industry as the video camera that cannot be broken. Playsport is a durable, rugged and pocket-sized HD video camera that comes with a waterproof features up to 10 meet. It can resist the impact after being dropped from a height of 4 feet and help you shoot 1080p HD videos. You can share those images on social networking sites and even edit them if you want.



The main purpose of devices is to keep you connected with others and make your life easier. The best travel items fulfil this role and more. Earthmate, for instance, is a text-messaging unite as well as handheld GPS that comes in handy in places where cell phones do not work. The iPower, on the other hand, is an iPhone charger that works simply on solar energy. So even if you are traveling and have not brought your charger you will not face any inconvenience thanks to the iPower.

Do you have any electronics you can’t seem to travel without?