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Best Summer Holiday Destinations That Wont Break the Bank

After what felt like a very long winter, many of us are hanging out for a summer escape. We’re dreaming of clear, turquoise water with soft sandy beaches and sunshine that continues well into the evening. Maybe people put off going on holiday because they’re concerned about the cost of the time away, especially if they’re traveling with a few children. The truth is, holidays can be as cheap or expensive as you make them. There are so many Holiday Gems out there, you just have to hunt and find them. Here are some of my favourite great summer holiday destinations that wont break the bank, but will offer you that perfect, sun-drenched summer holiday.


1) Algarve, Portugal

Here you’ll find some of the best beaches in the world and a fantastic climate all year-round, so no matter when you plan to take your annual leave, it will feel like summer – well at least like a British Summer! Portugal’s a relatively cheap country and your money will stretch pretty far here. You can get wonderful lunch specials in restaurants for as little as €10 which include an entree, main, dessert, coffee, tea and juice – what an absolute bargain. There’s a few great surfing beaches, as well as many stretches of golden sand. Another great thing about Portugal in general is that it’s so close to the UK that the flights tend to be very affordable too, making it a great all-round budget saver.

2) Granada, Spain

Ok, so there are no beaches in Granada… so why does it cut out list for best summer holiday destinations? The Alhambra has to be one of the most incredible places in the world to visit. Yes, it’s busy, yes, there are queues, but it’s all worth it. Beautiful grounds, beautiful buildings, lovely pathways, fountains and views… this is an unmissable experience. Southern Spain in general is cheaper than Northern Spain and Granada happens to be a wonderful bargain if you like tapas – in many bars tapas are “gratis” which is Spanish for free. Buy a drink and out comes a free tapas. Many people spend their evening going from bar to bar, enjoying a drink and complimentary tapas.

Granada Spain

3) Greece
It’s no secret that Greece has been hit hard by the recession. It’s also no secret that Greece is a great tourist destination offering a lot, from the beauty that is Santorini, to the history-dense capital, Athens. Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it here in Greece, all while helping a struggling economy recover. There’s also an abundance of great food in Greece, including olives, cheese, souvlakis and, my personal favourite, baklava!A wonderful holiday doesn’t have to break the bank if you’re smart, forward plan and choose somewhere affordable.