Best Things to Do in Majorca

Majorca is anything but small. Well, this Spanish island is indeed small considering that it is an island. But this jewel of the Mediterranean Sea is rich in picturesque landscape, historical landmarks and mouth-watering cuisines.

Majorca or Mallorca is a popular tourist destination – it is scenic and undoubtedly romantic. So, are you thinking of going to Majorca? We suggest staying in some villas in Majorca near the beach to make the most of the beachy lifestyle. We’ve also compiled a list of the best things that you can do in Majorca to get your holiday planning started.


Strolling in the streets of Palma de Mallorca

Make sure to get your cameras ready. It is likely that you’ll do more clicking than walking when you’re in Palma. As the capital of the Balearic Islands of Spain, Palma is practically lined with impressive historical buildings. Many of the structures are of Gothic architecture although it is evident that there is a mix of other cultures as well. As you walk through the streets of Palma, it is possible that you’ll come across private houses that are turned to museums.

Notable places in Palma: Majorca Cathedral, Bellver Castle, Santa Eulalia, Es Baluard, Almudaina Palace

Eating Majorcan food

Majorca is influenced by many cultures which is a given, being an island in the Mediterranean Sea. And eating Majorcan food is basically eating the food of many cultures. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are important to Majorcan cuisine.

While you’re there in Majorca, you must not miss having a bite of ensaimada (pastry) and sobrassada (local sausage). Make sure to also try Majorca’s crayfish stew, lobster stew and apricot cakes. Majorcan drinks are worth a try as well.


Getting on a train

Yup, that’s right. It’s one of the many activities that you can do in Majorca: getting on a train. But it’s more than just a train ride. Mallorca Wine Express is an adventure that you will never forget. You basically go aboard the Mallorca Wine Express so that you can have this awesome wine tour. The train makes stops at vineyards where you can taste different types of wine and you get to eat a complimentary appetizer that will help you fully appreciate the wine’s taste.

The entire wine tour lasts three to five hours and the guides are multilingual.


Majorca is a great place is a great place for biking. In some areas, there are cycle paths like the one in Bay Pollenca. If you wish to challenge yourself to greater heights, you can go cycling at the Tramuntana Mountains. Like strolling, cycling is a fun way for you to explore the area. You can go where you wish to at your own speed and if you want to take in the view, you can just stop anytime.