Brussels: Capital Of Joie De Vivre!

A trip to Brussels is the perfect way to indulge on some of the joys of life, or ‘joie de vivre’ as it’s said in French. It is a hip destination full of quirky sites, bars that serve the best beer, and amazing food. So if you are looking for a short break where you can live a little, then read on to find out more.

Getting there

As the center of the European Union, the links to and from Brussels are excellent. Both internationally and locally. You can choose to fly into Brussels Airport or take the Eurostar train if you are coming from the UK or France.

Remember though that if you do choose to fly in, Brussels only has one airport and it is one of the busiest airports in the whole of Europe! That means it’s wise to pre-book your airport transfers on a site like booktaxibrussels. So, then you won’t be left waiting, and waste your valuable sightseeing time in the queue for a cab.

Staying there

Unless you are traveling there for a business meeting, you’ll want your cab to take your straight to your accommodation, of which there is a huge variety available. Stay in ultra modern luxury at the Hotel Salbon, located on Rue Bodenbroek. Or go for something a bit more historical at the Hotel Amigo on Rue de l’Amigo.

However, if you’d rather keep your pennies for to pay for lived experiences, you can get some accommodation at a very reasonable price. For example, you can try renting one of the apartments known as aparthotels for your stay.


But don’t spend too long settling into your room. As there is a whole big city out there to explore, and the first thing that should be on your list is getting something to eat.


Now getting something to eat in Brussels isn’t quite like getting a quick snack anywhere else in the world. This is because they care deeply about their food.


For the most part is it simple, delicious cuisine executed to perfection. You have to try a fresh cooked Belgian waffle, topped with fresh strawberries chocolate and cream. You also should not pass up the chance to sample moules-frites. Which come with the crispiest tastiest triple cooked chips! You won’t find better! Of course, you just haven’t lived if you don’t sample some of the delicious fine chocolates that the Belgium are so famous for as well. You can even take some home with you to remind you of your trip.



It’s not just the food scene that is to die for in Brussels, though, but also the cafe-bar culture too. This is a relaxed scene where intellectuals, the hip and the young all intermingle. Sip an espresso and watch the world go by, or sample some of the many fine brewed beers on offer.


Things not to miss

Now, you can’t say that you have truly lived while visiting Brussels unless you get to really explore and visit some of the quirky sites that are on offer there.


Get your Judy Jetson groove on by visiting the Atomium at the science museum. Or take a walk through a miniature Europe at the model park and get bird’s eye view of the most important pieces of architecture on this continent.