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Don’t Leave Bangalore Without These 5 Experiences

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, and it is famous for more than just an IT hub. The metropolis sees over sixty percent of migrants who come together to add a unique vibe that is extraordinary and incomparable to any other city. Bangalore is snuggled on the Deccan plateau at an elevation of 3,000 feet, which is higher than the city of Dehradun. It witnesses one of the most consistent weather throughout the year and is known for its pleasant seasons.

If you have never visited Bangalore for business, or leisure, it is about time to witness the city in its full swing. It is known for its food, nightlife, culture, gardens, art, and architecture. Bangalore is different, and the people come together to turn it into one of the best cities in India. It also serves as a junction to the Southern India, and most traveler at least visits Bangalore once in their lifetime. It is time to book you flight tickets to Bangalore and experience what you may never have!

Planning to visit the city? Don’t leave Bangalore without these 4 experiences.

The Garden City of India

Bangalore is one the greenest metropolitans of India, and it is all due to the dedication of people and how they have successfully preserved every part of the city. A hub for nature lovers, amidst the new-age chaos, and concrete buildings, Bangalore has something substantial to offer.

Places like Lal Bagh are famous for their architecture and host rare plants of French, Afghani and Persian origin. A botanical garden, Lal Bagh covers an area of 240 acres in the heart of the city and has more than 1,800 species of plants. As one of the largest collections of rare plants, Lal Bagh is also known to host a 3000-million-year-old rock!

Parks such as the Bannerghatta National Park is India’s first butterfly park and sprawls over 100 acres. On the other hand, park like the Cubbon Park is a foremost exploration attraction with over 300 acres of green foliage. The Bangalore Aquarium, which is India’s second largest Aquarium is also located inside the Cubbon Park.

Apart from the major tourists’ spots, Bangalore also oversees an enormous number of parks which are dotted alongside the entire city. The city also witnesses dedicated residents who are known for their Organic Terrace Gardens that add to the green quotient of the city.

Bangalore has more than 200 lakes and tanks, which is the highest number across pan India.


Bangalore is known as the unofficial Pub Capital of India and has the largest number of pubs in Asia! If you believe in letting your hair down, then Bangalore will never disappoint you. Since the metropolis is comprised of young adults, it witnesses one of the most chilled out and liberal environment. It also brims with music lovers and is recognized for its insane music culture. The city has a rich history of hosting national and international music festivals across all genres. For art lovers, Bangalore offers a host of options, from Modern Art Gallery to the Karnataka Chitrakal Parishath.

If you are a theater lover, then Rangashankara and Jagriti will keep you occupied with their profound plays.

Bangalore has never-ending options for entertainment, provided you be curious enough to explore.

Adventure Sports

Bangalore has a host of choices for people who are enthusiastic about adventure sports. One can paraglide at the Nandi Hills, and let adrenaline take over the course. Alternatively, you can hike Anthargange at night and feel more than just the chill weather. If none of these excite you enough, try the Microlight Flying and give yourself some wings!


No destination is complete without shopping, and Bangalore is right there! The free spirited free markets of Bangalore are recognized for their unique offerings such as apparels, handicrafts, and more. It is the most happening market in Bangalore and is known to host live musical acts, fashion shows, and more. It oversees people from all walks of life, and it is easy to witness merchants, artists, entrepreneurs all hobnobbing around the corner.

Markets like KR City Market is one of the oldest commercial hubs in Bangalore. It is known for selling the fresh produce, and the Huvina Mandi is the market’s highlight.

Bangalore’s face might be that of being the IT hub of India. However, it is known for more than just that. It has everything for every kind of traveler. The effervescent culture, excellent weather, liberal mindset is what makes Bangalore the place to be! Book your flight tickets to Bangalore from, India’s leading travel portal and get incredible deals on flights, hotels and more.