Essential apps and websites for your travels

Thanks to plummeting airfares and online competition amongst travel companies, we are now able to enjoy a much broader range of foreign destinations. But despite the diversity of travel locations on offer, there are still a few fail-safe apps and websites we should all bookmark before we head abroad.



Unfortunately, all of us will have suffered a lengthy wait at an airport or train station when preparing to head aboard. Thankfully, most transport hubs now offer free Wi-Fi so that you can pass the time with some of these highly entertaining resources.

  • Euro Palace offers a modern take on traditional games such as poker and slots that can recreate the heady atmosphere of the casino no matter how banal your location. And with some tempting bonuses and benefits to newcomers, Euro Palace can provide a fun gateway to the glamour of the casino world.


Getting around

Even the most travel-hardened tourist will occasionally have those moments of losing their way abroad. But these navigation, money, and language apps should help aid your travels.

  • Whilst we can enjoy trying to do the arithmetic, sometimes doing currency conversions can become a little confusing. But with the free XE Currency app, you can simply make the conversion thanks to the app’s use of live currency rates.
  • There are many handy navigation apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, but if you’re looking to get a bus or train in your foreign destination, then the CityMapper app provides real-time transport information, as well as a handy walk planner should you choose to take a stroll.