Money Saving Tips For Great Value Cruises

For many travellers, booking a cruise is the ultimate holiday. Combining the beautiful distances of international backpacking with the ease and luxury of a quality resort hotel, it’s no wonder that cruises are becoming more popular among Brits. That said, cruise holidays aren’t quite as all-inclusive as they used to be, so it’s worth reading the small print if you’re pinching pennies. You can book your cruise holiday online with Planet Cruise and talk to one of their experienced travel agents to find out what’s included.


Be Flexible

There are two ways to save money booking a cruise: book well in advance, or book shortly before. If you have particular dates that you want to take your holiday, such as an anniversary or birthday celebration, booking well in advance allows you to have a cheap, but non-refundable cruise. By contrast, last-minute bookings require you to be a little more flexible about your chosen dates and destination, but are ideal for a quick getaway.

Bring Your Own Supplies

Many cruise ships will have shops where you can stock up on necessities, but these can often be very expensive. When packing, be sure to leave space to bring your own toiletries, drinks and snacks for when you’re on board between meals, or these small expenditures begin to add up. If you run short of anything, you can stock up on some items during port excursions.


DIY Port Excursions

Booked tours can be extremely beneficial if you want an overall knowledge of the history and culture of your port excursions, but you can often plan your own for free. Do some research before you leave to find walking routes, free museums, and cheap eateries while you’re exploring.

Enjoy The Buffet

Often cruise ships will advertise their high-end restaurants, and these are nice for a treat, but a whole trip’s worth of meals adds up. If the ship has a buffet, you can pay a fixed price and eat to your stomach’s content, and a buffet is perfect if you find yourself craving something specific. Alternatively, see if you can save money by pre-booking some meals before departure.

Mind Your Phone

It’s easy to forget, but while you are sailing in international waters your phone will be racking up roaming charges. Switch your phone to flight-safe mode in order to prevent those extra charges, while still having use of your camera and most apps.