Find your Dream Airline Job

The variety of jobs in an airport is astounding, and you should find something to do there depending on your qualifications or interest. Surprisingly, you can get a job with an airline even without specialized training or a degree. While traveling or hanging around an airport, you will notice all the different people doing different jobs to enhance safety and ease air travel.

Types of Jobs in Airlines

If you relish the excitement of spending your waking hours up in the sky or firmly on the ground, an airline offers you various options for employment depending on your qualifications.

• Air traffic controllers

They maintain efficient flow of air traffic by controlling the distance between aircraft in the air and on the ground. These demanding jobs require highly specialized training and skills.

However, in spite of the associated stress, air traffic control officers enjoy handsome salaries and perks. Minimum qualifying requirements for these lucrative jobs include a bachelor’s degree and your completion of an air traffic controlling course.

• Pilots

They fly planes and act as both captain and first officer in aviation. Flying remains a top job in the industry for its prestige and good salary. The profession requires extensive training, and you should have completed flying classes before enrolling for a college degree at a flight school.

• Technicians

Your interest in engineering meets its match in any of the numerous airline technician jobs. As tempest fuel pumps and more similar jargon fill your happy days, you spend your working hours providing maintenance and repair services on aircraft and anywhere else necessary in the airline grounds.

The jobs require intensive training and sometimes even postgraduate qualifications. Just like other airline professionals, you must also successfully take a certification test to get the appropriate accreditation.

• Flight attendants


These ensure passengers settle down and travel safely and comfortably. A high school diploma will do for these jobs. Nevertheless, some airlines require certain physical attributes such as height and weight that will enable you to move efficiently in the plane. You must be strong too to lift luggage into overhead compartments.

In addition to those jobs, airlines hire other staff to provide services such as security, sales, transportation, aviation meteorology, and flight reservation assistance, food preparation, gardening, and cleaning. Since an airline company is a small metropolis, it would be hard for you to miss a place on its payroll due to the ongoing and increasing demand for flight services.

Where to Find Jobs

You will find scores of airline job postings on the internet on social media platforms and job post sites. You can also check the classifieds in your local dailies. However, be wary of scammers and other risks involving online jobs. For best results, check on individual airline websites for updates and confirmation of the existence of the said jobs.

Applying for the Job

When you identify the job you desire, confirm that you meet the qualifications set for it. Most airlines post such information on their websites as well as any arising vacancies. Besides education, it’s prudent to be fluent in several languages especially English.

You will take medical tests and provide documents as proof of citizenry or meet the requirements to qualify for a permit in case you seek work in a foreign country. You should be over 18 years old and have a 20/20 vision or the appropriate corrective eye treatment to achieve those standards.

Considering the sensitive nature of air travel, airline managers require you to pass an intensive security test. For that, ensure you have no criminal record. Check with the local aviation regulatory organization to know the kind of offenses that will make an airline reject your job application.

Research on how to write a strong resume and cover letter to present your skills, experience, and education relevant to the job in your request. Make a good impression, get the job and indeed the sky will be the limit.