What to consider when deciding on an oil delivery service for your business

If your company relies on a regular supply of oil, it can be worth spending a lot of time trying to decide which single oil delivery service you should periodically turn to as part of your corporate routine. After all, using a different service every time you need fresh oil could too easily bring confusion. Keep things simple – by, ideally, choosing a service offering all of the below.

Choose a service delivering the type of oil that you will need

This might sound fairly obvious as far as advice goes. However, there are so many different kinds of oil available from suppliers that… well, this might be advice that is well worth repeating after all. These oils include red diesel, white diesel, furnace flame, domestic heating oil, automotive lubricants, agricultural oils, commercial oils and industrial oils.

In fact, you might find that the oil provider you ultimately choose offers oils across all of these categories – even if there is only one category that you regularly need to dip into. One comprehensive provider of such products is New Era Fuels, which also warrants my recommendation for further reasons, as will be explained later in this article.


Make sure that you will be able to source oil especially accessibly

You could easily become frustrated if you find a supplier that appears to tick all of the right boxes, only to realise that… well, you had overlooked another, vital box that it doesn’t tick. What box? That of delivering the oil in such a way that you can readily obtain it when you need it.

While New Era Fuels is headquartered in the Essex settlement of Harlow near Hertfordshire, its partnerships with distributors right around the United Kingdom ensure that it can deliver to any part of the country. If it is red diesel that you seek, New Era Fuels also maintains depots allowing you to collect oil in Tonbridge, Epping or Barking.

The company even offers same-day and out-of-hours delivery services for emergency situations or when your business is operating during the night or at particular difficult sites.

Aim for a company with appealing accreditations

While many oil suppliers might claim to offer a high standard of service, you shouldn’t take account of simply claims. Instead, you should check whether a supplier that you are considering has accreditations proving that its credentials have been vetted by a trustworthy external authority.

So, if you seek oil for a company in the rail sector, look for a company that has the ‘RISQS Verified’ badge on its website. This indicates that the company has been approved by the supplier qualification service RISQS. This body has the task of enabling companies to achieve formal recognition as capable providers of supplies to Britain’s rail industry.

New Era Fuels is, indeed, a company with this accreditation, as you can see for yourself by visiting that firm’s website. Once you’ve made a final choice of oil supplier, you can prepare for a lengthy series of oil purchases from this company.