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From Idea To Execution: Everything You Need To Know About Moving Abroad

For the most part, we move house because of new jobs, new arrivals, or new possibilities. It’s no wonder, then, that house moving has been rated as one of the most stressful things to do. Not only are you opening yourself to new experiences, but you’re doing so in a space you have yet to grow accustomed to. Let’s not beat around the bush; it can be an extremely challenging time but there are ways you can make it easier, such as using Shiply to move your things to your new home. 

And, that’s when you’re just moving a few blocks away. Sometimes, home moves take us even further outside our comfort zone. It may be that a move for your job takes you to another country. Or, perhaps you decide to take the leap and give life overseas a try. Whatever the reason, a move abroad brings a whole new perspective to the life-changing ability of a new home.

If an overseas move is on your horizon, it’s worth acknowledging the stress you’re letting yourself in for. It may seem counterproductive, but preparing for stress puts you in the best position to cope. And, to make the transition even easier, we’re going to look at a move abroad from idea to execution. Follow the steps listed below to ensure you can at least keep stress levels to a minimum!


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As mentioned above, a variety of things can spark the original idea for a move abroad. Irrelevant of the starting point, there are a few common things you should consider during your idea stage.

Where are you going?

If a job move is on the cards, you can skip ahead to the next point. If you’re leaving for a fresh start or a life experience, now is the time to consider where you want to go. You’ll only want to undertake a move of this size once in your life, so make sure you’re choosing the right country for you. Get out a map, and write a list of all possible options. Then, use a process of practical elimination to settle on your chosen country. Consider proximity, opportunities, language barriers and so forth.

Understand how to navigate the new housing market

With a new country comes a new real estate market. In all honesty, navigating the U.S. market is difficult enough. It’s essential, then, that you take the time to understand the new market you’ll be dealing with. First, develop an idea of where you can find properties. A quick online search will lead you to companies like RumahDijual which host listings from other countries.
Try, too, to get an idea of the leading real estate companies in your chosen destination.

Then, get stuck into the technical stuff. You need to gain an idea of how house buying works. For example, areas such as Scotland in England operate on an auction basis. Information like this will make a huge difference to how you approach your task.

Last, you need to consider any taxes you’ll pay on properties. You should seek advice from a local tax expert who will be able to advise you how much extra you’ll be expected to pay.


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Once you manage to find a property, it’s time to set the execution of your plan in motion. The good news is, this is less about research and more about the emotional process of a move such as this one.

Prepare to leave what you know

Leaving behind everything you know is, without a doubt, the hardest part about moving overseas. Not only will you be saying goodbye to the house which has been your home, but also to friends and family. There’s no easy way to prepare to leave those you love. But, making set plans to see each other again will go a long way towards easing the blow. It’s also worth hosting a goodbye party so that you can draw an emotional line under your current situation. This is also a fantastic way to say goodbye to everyone in one easy step!

Consider what you’re taking, and how it’s getting there

Hiring movers is always an unpleasant process, but it’s worse when you move abroad. To make life easier, it may be worth leaving behind the majority of your large belongings. You will have to consider the cost of replacing them once you reach your destination. But, with overseas moving companies charging top dollar, a move like this may still pay off.

As you’re packing, it’s worth being as practical as possible about what you take with you. This can be difficult. You’ll want those familiar items to comfort you once you reach your destination. But, being able to pack everything into a bag or two will make your life much easier. If you can’t bear to part with everything, it might be worth placing some items in a local self storage unit. That way, you can pick up more when you return for a visit. Moving in this gradual way may be the best option.

Get your head around language/culture

Once you reach your new home, the real work begins. When you kissed goodbye to your home country, it wasn’t only friends and family you left behind. You also walked away from the traditions and language that you’ve grown up with. If you move to an English speaking country, you’ll at least be able to communicate in the usual ways.

But, if you’re not familiar with the language, you need to learn it as fast as possible. If you isolate yourself with a lack of communication, you’re sure to feel the loss of your past life a lot more harshly. The good news is, learning the language won’t be as complicated as you think. If you learn a few basic phrases to get you by, you’ll soon find that you pick things up fast.

Bear in mind that culture also varies from country to country. Something which is considered polite in U.S. culture may seem an insult in your new destination. Make sure to research changes in culture, so that you can settle in as easily as possible.