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Holiday Forever!

Every year as the winter disappears and the summer peaks over the horizon, hoards of people start to plan their family vacations. A holiday to the sun where we can get a little life back into our blood. There are very few people on earth who don’t at least dream of a summer vacation or, head off into the sun every year.

This year you might fancy doing something a little different. When we hit our thirties or forties, we start to realize what exactly it is we want out of life. This means we might start visiting the same destinations every single year. We like knowing what we are getting, and while it is great if you have the money to explore, some of us want to know the money we spend will go on something we can trust. This is why so many people end up rebooking the same villa or hotel, year on year, especially when they have families.

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So, here’s an idea. When you are on your vacation do you ever sit back and look at the incredible beach properties, wondering what it would be like to live in one? Well, why don’t you consider investing into holiday home? One which you hire out to holidaymakers when you aren’t there.  A little money making home away from home, more than that, home in the sun away from home!

Ok, this sounds like something you are going to need a lot of money for, right? Admittedly this isn’t going to be a simple step to make. However, there are so many benefits. While renting the property probably won’t make you rich; it will certainly make you an income which will pay for the costs of running the home and probably cover your flight costs too. Saving you a fortune every year on travel and accommodation. One of the best ways to achieve buying a property abroad is to look into early release of a pension and putting that money into a Self Invested Pension Plan or SIPP. You will need advice from a good financial advisor on the complications ahead. You could also talk to family members and see if anyone else would like to join you in a purchase. You may find that you could all scrape the money together to buy a property outright.

Image your life where you have a beautiful home just a few hours away. One that is yours forever, makes you money and means you won’t have to pack every time you go away!

Depending on where you buy there are some very affordable properties available, especially in places such as Greece where the economy is a bit wobbly at the moment. You might find a real bargain. You could even look at buying up some land and building your dream home!

Whatever you decide, it is worth doing some research, finding the expat community and networking on your next vacation. The future could be full of bright and sunny getaways!