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My Simple Beach Holiday Packing Guide

The other week I did a short weekend break packing guide that you all seemed to like, so I thought you might appreciate a few more posts like that one. This week is beach holidays. Most people cannot resist spending time lying on the sand, soaking up the rays and cooling off in a crystal clear sea.


A visit to the beach is the perfect chance to take some gentle exercise. Swimming in a warm sea is a great way to ease the muscles and cool down. Therefore, comfortable, practical swimwear, which looks good, is an essential. As well as the usual beautiful swimming costumes and bikinis, quite a few retailers are now also selling tankinis and long line swimsuits.

You may also want to pack a lightweight towel. Most hotels do not allow guests to take towels to the beach.


Other beachwear

Most people want to spend as long as possible on the beach. Packing some stylish and practical beachwear will help you to enjoy as much time as possible by the sea. A nice sarong can be worn in the early morning when the breeze may be a bit chilly, or later in the evening as the sun goes down. It is also a good way to cover up periodically if you feel your skin warming up too much. Beach dresses, shirts, playsuits, short sets, culottes and kimonos all work well for this. They look great and there is the added benefit that they are made from lightweight fabrics, which means they can easily be rinsed out and dried. There is the added bonus that this type of clothing can also be worn for meals out or day trips.

Protecting yourself from the sun

Speaking of protection, do not forget to pack a good quality sun cream, and sunglasses. It is also always a good idea to pack a hat to protect your hair and help you to stay cool.

Beach shoes

When deciding which shoes to take think about the walk to the beach. If you have to walk a long way, you may find that flip-flops are not comfortable enough.

Keeping yourself entertained

While on the beach, it is always nice to have something to read, or some music to listen to. Of course, you can take your smartphone to the beach, but doing so can be a worry because you will not have somewhere safe to leave it when you go for a swim.

One solution is to buy a second-hand paperweight e-reader and mp3 player to use on the beach. You can pick these items up at garage sales for a few dollars, so if they are stolen it is not a big problem. Another alternative is to take some books and magazines with you instead.

Of course, you will need other clothes to wear when you are not down by the sea, but the above is what you will need to enjoy long lazy days on the beach. All you have to do now is to book your holiday and get packing.