Look Your Best While Traveling

When you are on the road somewhere, be it for business or for relaxation, you still want to look your best.  Yet at the same time, you usually don’t want to encumber yourself with your entire home vanity or bathroom cabinet.  I usually make a careful selection of the items that are truly essential as opposed to those that are luxuries.  On my most recent trip I was appalled to find that nearly a third of my travel bag was filled with items that were in truth non-essentials.  So I vowed that I would adopt a more selective process to assure that the only things packed in my “toilet kit” were things that I actually need.  Here’s how I set my new guidelines for future travel.

First, I identified those items that I had to have with me every day.  Many of these are “no brainers” that include shaving kit, toothbrush and dental supplies, any special bathing materials, etc.  I also include those items of personal need – for example, if you use glasses you may need special eyeglass maintenance equipment.  Or you may need to include other specialty items for health or workouts.  But even these items may not be essential – you can count on most hotels to provide toothpaste, shampoo and soap.

Next, you need to be certain you have any medical supplies that are essential for your use.  Keeping a supply of prescription medicines is essential.  I usually bring along a 7-day pack to assure I have at least a week’s supply handy – even if I am only planning to be away a few days.  One can never know if your travel schedule may be thrown awry – and getting prescriptions issued when away from your regular pharmacy can be a real hassle – and costly, too.

One’s wardrobe is the next concern.  How many times have you found yourself bringing summer outdoor wear to find yourself shivering beneath a high-powered air-conditioning vent?  Or bringing a wardrobe perfect for spring to a place where it is still snowing even after Easter has long passed?  I suggest you pack clothing that is as “adaptable” as possible.  In other words, don’t bring along clothing that can only serve a single purpose or is useful just in limited climates.  My rule: bring two casual outfits – one for warm weather, the other more appropriate for spring or fall.  And then bring one semi-dress outfit in case you must be dressed for an event.  Lastly, have a pair of dress shoes packed away.   Of course, a sweater and an overcoat are desirable.  I managed to put together such a wardrobe by taking advantage of a J.C. Penney coupon to get the items at great savings.  I’ve even used my Groupon coupons to get discounts on J.C. Penney travel supplies so I can be certain of having the best products at the most reasonable prices.  While I often don’t have to pack more than one bag, I do have a complete luggage set that I got for nearly 40% discount using a Groupon promo code.  But I’m saving that to carry the suit I plan to wear when I go to see my relatives celebrate their silver anniversary.  But I plan to wear something nice on when I treat my wife to her special Mother’s Day celebration.  You can never look your best when you are treating the most special people in your life to something they really deserve.