How Is Say It With a Sock Socially Conscious?

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever, and this distinction extends way beyond the search for a great deal. As a part of a global economy, it’s important for a business to make a difference in the world, and people don’t mind paying a little bit extra to support a company that gives back to those in need. While Say It With a Sock offers tremendous value in its monthly subscription plans, it also makes a point of contributing to the greater good. Here’s a brief look at how the company helps others with every pair of socks sold.

Using Socks To Provide Dignity

Homelessness is a real problem in the United States, and it affects people from every walk of life:

Families make up more than 30 percent of the homeless population.
Nearly half of all homeless people have jobs.
An overwhelming majority of those experiencing homelessness are in a short-term situation.
For many of the women experiencing homelessness, domestic or sexual violence was the initial cause.

So how can a simple monthly sock club help provide a solution for such a complicated issue? Socks are actually the most requested item by homeless people, which is why the company partnered up with Lava Mae to provide thousands of pairs to those in need every month. When someone shows up at one of Lava Mae’s mobile shower facilities, your subscription makes it possible for him or her to put on a clean pair of socks.

Subscribe and Help Make a Difference

Now you know how Say It With a Sock helps those in need, why not join the cause? By purchasing a subscription for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you can help bring a little slice of dignity to those experiencing extreme hardship. To learn more about available packages or subscribe for monthly delivery, visit the company online today.