NSW Guide: Activities to Do on Lord Howe Island Holidays

Perhaps you deserve a break and decide that it’s time to go to New South Wales for a change. If so, you may want a luxury retreat that will take your mind off from the cities’ busy streets and the hectic schedules at work. Then, this is a great time to check how you can spend your holidays in Lord Howe’s Island.

Most travellers prefer a unique holiday experience to recharge and freshen up before going to work. Many choose to be near the coral reefs and the sea to enjoy the gentle waves and breeze in Australia.

Many average travellers can enjoy their stay at NSW without the need to spend a fortune. Some have discovered that they can enjoy the island on a budget during their Capella Lodge Lord Howe Island holidays and revel at the pristine environment around them. With this said, here are other ideas why you need to visit Lord Howe on your next vacation.

About Lord Howe Island

Most may have heard about the famous and idyllic paradise that is known as Lord Howe Island. This island can welcome more than 300 visitors on any day or season. The island boasts lush forests, lagoons, volcano peaks, and crystal-clear waters that will make any tourist enjoy their well-deserved vacation.

Some of the activities that can be done on the island are diving, snorkelling, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, and surfing that makes the tourists enjoy every minute of their stay in the place.

There’s also the ecosystem on the island with fauna and flora of over 100 species of plants that can’t be found somewhere else in the world. There are also over 80 different corals so that the eyes will be entertained with endless colours and various types of fishes in the sea.

There are also day hikes where interested travellers can conquer the summit of Mount Gower. Many may appreciate eating the local’s specialties after a long and tiring day, including kingfishes and BBQs in many of the island’s restaurants. There are also modern apartments and guesthouses where one can freshen up or relax after an eventful day.

After resting in self-contained apartments or luxurious lodges, tourists often can go to volcanic group formations, coral reefs, and more that usually attracts the divers. The atolls are the best diving spots where enthusiasts can see marine living at close range.

Other Things to Do

  1. Bird Watching

As one of Australia’s prime destinations, the island boasts about 14 species of seabirds and thousands of other breeds. The birdwatchers will enjoy the airborne courting and the balletic antics of red-tailed tropicbirds in the area.

The mutton birds return to the island in September, and they perform a lot of avian spectacles at dusk. In November, one may walk the Little Island track to see the Providence Petrel, which makes its nest to the southern part of the mountains. You can know more about the Providence Petrel on this site here.

The Sooty terns at Ned’s beach and the other 130 migrants are just some of the species found in Lord Howe. There are local guides available to guide tourists on finding the best locations for bird watching, so be sure to check them out.

  1. Fishing

There’s nothing as relaxing as a fishing getaway trip. The marine park in Lord Howe has an abundant supply of fishes. There are Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Lord Howe Kingfish that are available. There’s the striped, black, and blue marlin that is virtually untouched by anglers, and they are just half an hour from the jetty.

Coral reefs protect the island in the southern part, and there’s a clear lagoon in the area. There are grand slams, which are local sportfishing activities that dare tourists to catch a silver drummer, trevally, and bluefish.

There are also available chartered fishing boats that can be rented for full day’s use. The boats are well-equipped with tackle and other tools that are suited for Lord Howe’s marine conditions. You are not required to bring your things during this holiday, and you can fish until you are satisfied with your catch.

The tackle may already be included in the packages, and there are spinning reels available for you. With various terrains, you can never go wrong, and you will always find fish regardless of the weather. If you don’t want to go into the boats, you can opt to get on rocky platforms to fish. These activities are great for the adults as well as the kids too.

  1. Scuba Diving

If you are attracted to explore the still and clear waters, then scuba diving may be an option for you. The coral reefs in the island are some of the most spectacular that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The ocean currents come from the Great Barrier Reef and down to the Tasman Sea, and it hosts a unique and diverse marine ecosystem in the deeper parts.

There are tropical and subtropical fish species that are inhabiting the reef. You can learn more about the Great Barrier Reef here: The underwater caves, trenches, and volcanoes are also a great way to enhance your diving experience.

The four island groups in Lord Howe are inscribed to be on UNESCO’s World Heritage list because of their natural beauties. There are marine parks with fishing restrictions so that the marine ecosystem remains plentiful, undisturbed, and pristine. Since there are no river drains into the oceans, you can expect the water to be one of the clearest on earth with a visibility of more than 20 metres.

One of the most spectacular attractions is the Ball’s Pyramid, where the tallest sea stack is located. The advanced divers with the certifications may expect to see many rainbow runners, amberjacks, kingfish, silver drummers, and violet sweeps in a single day. There are also occasional wahoo, dolphins, and marlins that are found 25 metres down. Cave and drift dives can be more than 25 metres bust scuba divers can usually find their ways by following coral walls.