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What to Do With an Old Laptop: Ways to Reuse or Dispose of It

Did you know that in one recent year more than 160 million laptops were sold globally?

Laptops have become synonymous with the global business lifestyle. They allow you to work, play, and communicate anywhere that you have an internet connection.

If you have purchased a new device, and are wondering what to do with an old laptop, you may be surprised by the options.

Why not read our in-depth guide and find out what you can do with your old laptop.

Upgrade Its Internal Parts

You may be looking with wide-eyed anticipation at the new MacBook Pro 2020 and its impressive specifications.

However, did you know that you can probably upgrade the internal parts of your existing laptop?

You do not have to become an expert to be able to increase the Internal RAM and processing power of your laptop. Or you could learn to swap out the hard drive for an SSD drive.

It is possible to learn all of this by using online tutorials and manuals. You might find that you do not have to replace your machine so soon after all.

Sell It Online

If you have become frustrated with your laptop because of its slow speed and older technology, you might have a negative view of it.

That does not mean that no one will want it. There is a thriving market for old devices online. Depending on the age and spec of your machine you may be able to get as much as $200 for it.

Just remember that before you hand it over to a new owner, you should wipe the hard drive or even remove it altogether. This will prevent your information from being shared with the new owner.

Recycle It Locally

If your laptop really won’t be of benefit to anyone else, you may have little choice but to dispose of it. However, if you have to do this, remember to do this responsibly.

There are strict recycling guidelines that can help you dispose of your machine in a way that will not negatively affect the environment.

In some states, you may have to complete a form to say that you are disposing of it in compliance with local government law. Other locations will offer an incentive scheme to encourage users to give their machines to companies that can dispose of the technology on your laptop on your behalf.

Donate It to a Worthy Cause

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant people are forced to work from home. Students are attending class from their bedroom. And entrepreneurs are starting new businesses from their kitchens. This requires more laptops and tablets than ever before.

If you have a laptop that you no longer need, you could consider whether someone else can make use of it. There are foundations and charities in most states that will find a good home for your old device. On the other hand, you may want to canvass your friends and neighbors and give it directly to someone.

If you donate it to a registered charity, your gift may be tax-deductible. Bear it in mind when considering who you will give the laptop too.

Use the Monitor as a Second Display

If you are now working from home or considering setting up a business, you may want to incorporate your new laptop and old laptop in one setup. Did you know that you can use your old laptop as a second screen?

If you have never used a second screen you likely do not realize how useful it is. You can research extensively on one screen whilst taking detailed notes on the second screen.

You can also display a video conference on one screen while having your presentation notes open on the second screen. There is no end to the advantages. Why not try it with your old device?

Increase Your Hard-drive Capacity

Even if the screen and keyboard of your old laptop are beyond use, there may be internal parts that you can harvest.

One example is the hard drive. Your new laptop may come with a powerful SSD drive. However, likely your older laptop had an HDD drive with a larger capacity. Why not remove the old HDD drive from the laptop, purchase an HDD drive cradle and use it as an external hard drive?

The HDD drive will indeed react more slowly than your new slick SSD. However, if you move less frequently used archive and media files to the external drive you may not notice the difference. Free storage expansion is always a good option.

Sell It Piece by Piece

If you are brave enough to open up your laptop and examine its inner workings, you may be able to turn a profit.

Computer repair shops everywhere are looking for spare parts that are clean and in good condition. You may be able to sell the main working parts of your old laptop for cash.

The main parts you may be able to sell are Internal RAM, processor, and hard drive among others.

While it is true that you may not be able to get a lot of cash for these individual parts, you will get something. Remember too that this is your chance to better understand the inner workings of your computer without risking damage to a machine you use every day.

You could also see this as an opportunity to de-clutter your house of spare computer parts.

What to Do With an Old Laptop and Much More

Laptop computers have so much tech built into them that there is always a use for them or always someone who wants it. Knowing what to do with an old laptop can save you money or help you earn a little.

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