The 5 best US States to visit during a road trip

There are so many things to see and do in the states, from the Shining hotel in Colorado to the Grand Canyon in Nevada, and the best way to make sure you hit every stop on your list is to do it with a road trip. You can make your own itinerary according to your route and see the America you want to see – we’ve put together some top picks here for where you should travel on your road trip.

Washington state

With stunning mountains, unbeatable waterfalls and breathtaking forests, Washington State is home to some of the best hiking trails in America – and the best way to explore even the remotest trails is by car. You can store all your supplies easily in the car, meaning you can travel lighter on your hikes. Don’t forget to invest in good quality car insurance to keep you and your things safe during your travels.


Visiting this state will leave you with some truly out of this world memories from your road trip – how many people can say they’ve driven on the surface of Mars? That’s right, not only is Nevada home to some of the most stunning landscapes on earth, its trademark red desert has played the part of Mars on Hollywood sets more than once. So, after indulging in Vegas and marvelling at Death Valley, you can enjoy exploring the extra-terrestrial.


For swamps, swamps and more swamps, this is the place for you. Explore Louisiana’s raised highways to get the best view of their famous swamps (including Atchafalaya, America’s biggest swamp) as well as exploring the friendly cities of this southern state.


Enjoy the scenic route by taking a tour through Minnesota on your road trip. With gorgeous forests and tranquil lakes (including Lake Superior), Minnesota is a great state to explore when you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery on a long winding drive.


An underrated and unmissable element to any good American road trip is Oregon’s Highway 101, a stunningly beautiful coastal route. Starting in Astoria (home of the Goonies), travelling through the fantastically named Cape Perpetua and the hidden beaches of the Boardman State Scenic corridor, the dramatic coastal scenery is breathtaking all year round.

Sadly, including everything you want to see and do on one trip is only doable if you plan to keep on driving around for a decade or more – but you should make sure to include a tour of at least a couple of these unmissable states (and you’ll just have to plan another trip to see the rest).