The Best Beaches in the Maldives

There are travel destinations in this world that are and will always be associated with paradise. The Maldives one of them and if you have ever just looked at some of the pictures of the Maldives, you’ll know what I am talking about. White sand, bright blue water and a relaxing vibe that you can’t shake. Another thing that makes the Maldives a great beach destination is that it’s so versatile – whether you want to snorkel, sunbathe, swim, enjoy water sports, indulge in spa treatments or enjoy some of the finest restaurants in the world, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Despite this wide range of activities, the stunning beaches is one of the biggest drawing cards to the Maldives and understandably so. You’ll notice that there’s a great range of high-quality hotels in the Maldives, including the Reethi Rah,  so you’ll be able to find something that suits your style, budget and trip’s purpose. As for the best places to visit in the Maldives? Well here are my favourite beaches:


Reethi Beach

Regardless of which of the wonderful beaches in Maldives you choose, you should expect to meet white and soft sand and a velvety water that seems to stretch endlessly, almost the same colour as the skies on a very, very sunny day. The Reethi beach may be the perfect travel destination for couples (and even more so for newlyweds). Snorkeling, bungalows, friendly people, high quality services and good food – the perfect combination for a relaxing holiday. Although it may not be the ideal budget-friendly beach in Maldives (and it may not be the most high-end either), it is definitely an excellent choice for those moments in your life when you really want to spend more on your pleasure of travelling to this kind of amazing spots.

Dhiggiri Resort

It is very likely that you may want to search for something even a bit more budget friendly, and then tourists would recommend the Dhiggiri resort. As magic as every single beach in the Maldives, this resort has something even more unique and picturesque about it, which may be why you will like it even more than the other beaches out there. Again, this will not be the friendliest beach on your budget, but if you want to mark a very special moment, then this will be the place to be.


Angaga Resort

This is probably one of the most budget-friendly beaches in the Maldives. Although not exactly cheap (as compared to other travel destinations), Angaga can be a great choice if you are looking for the beauty of the Maldives at a lower price than that which is usually practiced around these parts.

Other than that, do bear in mind that you can get various deals on the activities you normally have to pay quite a lot for. You can, for example, rent a boat from the docks right from the locals and you can have your own snorkeling trip (and this will work especially when on larger groups).