Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Do you want to travel? Yes.

Are airfares cheap? No. Usually, they are not. But if you are patient enough to browse through websites, you can get the airfare that is pocket-friendly for you.

Get that ticket early. Seasons change as do airfares.

When do you plan to travel? Decide on the date and search for the best airfare deals weeks or months before you travel. Remember that distances and expenses are reciprocal. If you plan to travel outside your county, it is best that you buy your air ticket very early, like four to six months before the travel date.

It is hard to get a cheap flight during peak seasons – that’s the sad reality of air travel. But if you’re snappy enough to book a flight before the actual peak season, travelling cheap is a possibility. So, decide on your travel itinerary early on and book that much cheaper flight.


Be a gymnast.

Or at least have one important quality of gymnastics – flexibility. This basically means that you should be able to adjust to certain conditions such as the time of the travel and where you travel. Do you really have to travel during peak season? If there are no emergencies and you just wish to go on a tour, maybe it’s best to consider travelling off-season.

Weekends also tend to be more expensive as most people prefer to travel on weekends. Midweek days and Saturdays tend to be cheaper. Flights at night or at dawn are cheaper, too.

Where you land also matters. Big, major airports charge more expensive fees than secondary airports. Sometimes, fare is cheaper when the airlines fly to smaller airports. But smaller airports may mean more land travel. If you’re up for it, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Two is better than one.

Yup, two is better and three is not really a crowd when it comes to comparing fares. Do not just search on one airline. Sometimes an airline may offer cheaper fare but then asks you to pay lot for miscellaneous fees. And here’s another that seem more expensive but actually costs less. It is important that you compare the fare rate of different airlines so that you get to have the best deal available.


Travelling light is a must.

A lot of people get budget-friendly flights only to pay a lot for excess baggage. Avoid bringing things that are not really necessary. It also important to weigh your luggage at home before you go to the airport. This way, you can be assured that you don’t have to pay more for your baggage.

There really is a way for you to enjoy your trip without having to spend too much on air tickets. It may mean compromising on certain comforts at first. But when you discover how much you can save, travelling cheap is a great way for you to have that optimum flying experience.