Top 2018 honeymoon trends revealed

Thanks to the results of a new survey, online travel agents Opodo have given you the ideal way to plan the perfect honeymoon. Don’t pack your bags just yet, as you probably haven’t even got the wedding out of the way, but it’s certainly never too early to start planning for the perfect honeymoon experience. Perhaps you’re finding planning your wedding stressful, or maybe you’ve never been too fussed about having such a lavish wedding day and are hoping and waiting for your honeymoon. Whether this is the case or not, planning and organising your honeymoon could be the perfect remedy for all those wedding day jitters. Here are the top honeymoon trends in 2018.

Where to go?

You probably already have some idea of the kind of honeymoon that you want, which will make finding the perfect destination that much easier, but Opodo knows what the secret to the ideal honeymoon is, and now you can too. There are some common trends that have been revealed in the honeymoon survey results, and one of the most surprising is the fact that the Maldives are the most popular honeymoon destination choice. An incredible 51% of honeymooners said that the Maldives was their destination of choice, with Mauritius coming in second place (38%) and Aruba (36%) in at third. At the lower end of the result chart, you’ll find some intriguing options with Botswana in 20th place with 5% and Mallorca just above it with 10% of honeymooners calling it the best destination.

What to do?

Once you’ve decided on your destination, you’re going to want to know what you can do there. The solution to this is trickier than you might think, with 57% of honeymooners stating that it’s essential to discuss with your partner exactly what sort of activities you want to do when it comes to planning the perfect honeymoon. Far more important is the need to find the right mix of relaxation (to get over the wedding day stress), romance (it is a honeymoon after all), and adventure (because nobody wants to be bored on their honeymoon!). However, the beach is still the most popular activity destination for honeymoons, although there are still some popular activities you can enjoy between suntan lotion top-ups, with shark-cage diving (eek!) and windsurfing both possible without straying too far from the sand.

Finding inspiration

So you’ve got some firmer ideas now as to what you want your honeymoon to be, but you still need that little bit more inspiration. The question is where to find it, and the best answer is recommendations from your friends and family. While social media accounts for an impressive 26% of honeymoon inspirations, it’s still those closest to you that provide the most useful advice, with 48% of honeymooners saying friends and family were their go-to option. However, others found their inspiration from some surprising sources, with celebrity and royal honeymoons providing a combined total of 19% of honeymoon inspiration.

Planning the perfect honeymoon all comes down to personalizing the experience for the couple that you are. Create the perfect wishlist of honeymoon ideas and you’ll be able to find that perfect balance that will have you reminiscing even on the flight back home.