Is University For Me?

Once they have graduated high school, the next step for many people is college, but what if you’re unsure that’s the path you want to take? You may want to begin earning money straight away, or you could be worried about the financial burden of university. Whatever your thoughts, this article can help you make up your mind once and for all.

Financial Concerns

This is probably the number one worry of anybody considering university, and it is a perfectly understandable concern. Tuitions fees, living costs, accommodation, books, and travel expenses all need to be included when budgeting for university, and if you have very little funds, college can seem like a no-go for you. However, before you write it off completely you should research Scholarships in USA. There are several types of scholarships available for all manner of subjects.

Studying Concerns

High school is tough and if you have just finished you may feel like you never want to read another book again. Give it time, you may not always feel like this. Many students take a gap year to recuperate and to reflect on what they want to do before heading off to college, refreshed and full of enthusiasm for their course. You will also need to think about your ambitions, as studying could be the only route to the career you want. If a university course is the only way you will achieve your chosen career, but you genuinely hate the thought of studying as it is too difficult, employ a tutor to keep you up to speed so you can cope with the pressure of college classes. It is also worth remembering that university is very different to high school and you will experience more autonomy in college.

Career Concerns

Not all jobs require a university degree, and many a successful person has left high school and jumped straight into the world of employment. If you know what you want to do and are certain you don’t need any further education to achieve it, begin applying for appropriate roles as soon as possible, as you won’t be the only one out there competing for that job.

Location Concerns

Moving out of the family home can be daunting, but at the same time, moving to a new place and meeting new people can be an adventure. If this is the real reason you are reluctant to go to university you should think about how you will mature when you leave, and all the experiences you could miss should you not go. Universities have support networks to help students that are feeling lonely or homesick, and with so many societies and groups to join you will be too busy enjoying university life to give home a second thought. However, you don’t have to move away if you live within commuting distance of a university and this can be the perfect compromise for someone who wishes to stay at home, but still study and experience university life.

Making a decision of this magnitude can be difficult, but with some research you can make the right choice for you.