Top 5 Reasons to go on an Adventure Holiday

There’s all types of holidays that you can choose from, maybe you’re interested in a skiing holiday, perhaps your ideal holiday is lounging on a beach for a week working on your tan, or maybe you want to be a little more adventurous. I personally love adventure holidays as I think they create memories in a way that other holidays often fall short. You’ll be pushing yourself to your limit, challenging yourself, maybe even learning a new skill. This is the perfect combination to create a holiday you’ll never forget. If you’re on the fence about going on an adventure holiday, read on to find out why I love them so much and why they may be the perfect fit for you too!
1. Create Precious Memories
While all holidays should leave you feeling content, with a bunch of amazing photos and memories to treasure for years to come, there’s something special about an adventure holiday that more relaxing holidays simply don’t match. Being challenged is a wonderful way to bond as a group of friends, couple, or a family. As you’ll be pushing yourself to your limits, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. There’s nothing quite like seeing a loved one master a new skill or overcoming a fear, such as a fair of heights. If you love skiing, why not consider a skiing holiday where your children could learn to ski. Maybe you want to try something completely new, such as surfing or bungy jumping. KE Adventure can organise incredible and extremely memorable adventure holidays worldwide – so matter the type of holiday you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered.
2. Effortless Fun
If you’re heading away on a trip, it can be hard fitting in enough activities to make the holiday feel exciting and invigorating. With an adventure holiday you know there’s going to be something that makes it very fun. This will depend on the type of adventure holiday you choose, but focusing your holiday around a fun activity or some activities really can help transform the entire mood of the trip. Be careful to tune into what adventurous means for you and your loved ones – maybe it means getting an adrenaline hit white water rafting down a river, or maybe it means the shock of being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, are missing some of your creature comforts and have to communicate in sign language. Whatever adventurous means for you isn’t really important, the main thing is that it is a holiday that allows you to challenge yourself as that’s where the real adventure begins.
3. See Places from a New Perspective
Even if you’ve travelled somewhere before, if you travel there again but this time with an adventurous holiday in mind, your experience will likely be entirely different. If this is your second trip but the first time you did a run of the mill backpacker trip, everything will be different if you’re returning to Vietnam to do a cycling tour starting in Dalat. By incorporating adventure into your travel planning, you’re putting it out there that you want to challenge yourself, grow, and to learn more about the country you’re visiting. There’s nothing quite like seeing Dubai’s incredible skyline from the top of the Burg, or laying in the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands, looking out over the busy city that never sleeps.
4. Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture
If you visit somewhere but spend your time on cruise ships, shuttles and in resorts, you’ll have been to whatever country but you wont have really seen it.  You probably wont know how people go about their daily lives in the market. You’ll also probably miss the differences in cultures throughout a culture depending on its geographical location. Rather than taking a bus between destinations in South America and Central America, you can elect to hike. This makes the route much, much slower, but it is one of the most incredible adventures you can do in the world. If you’re not heading away on an adventure holiday any time soon, but want a way to better interact with locals? I have two suggestions. the first is changing your mode of transport so you’re going slower. Instead of taking Ubers, why not cycle around? The second idea is considering a homestay. That way at least you’ll be able to interact on a daily basis with the host family, this is particularly important if you’re trying to learn a new language.
5. Serious Bonding Experience
Traveling with someone you love is a make or break it kind of situation. If you both play your cards right it could become one of the most treasured times in your life. Yes traveling with others is hard, especially if the others include a few teenagers. Most of us value our time to ourselves: that time each evening where we can sit down, mentally check off out to do list, and remember pending things we’ve forgotten. When you’re away traveling with someone, you simply don’t have these quiet, peaceful moments to yourself. Over the period of days or weeks, this can become really overwhelming. I personally find it important to focus on a gratitude list for each friend I find emotionally draining.While not all friendships are rosy, a trip away together is a special way to make an unbreakable bond with someone who has shared at least one adventure with you.
Traveling with your loved ones has so many benefits, some of which are really obvious and others that may feel a little more abstract. But the truth is we have no idea how much time we’re going to have with those we love, so I think it’s important to spend as much time as possible. Choose an adventure holiday as a wonderful way to create some fun and unique interactions which will result in serious bonding. If you’re revisiting somewhere you’ve been before, you’ll have a second chance to look over it and be sure that it was the right move for you. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture, learning more about the world around you. I would also like to comment that an adventure holiday is probably the type of holiday that your adult children or current children would rather prefer. You’ll be able to enjoy effortless fun on your vacation, because the activities will be the highlight of the trip. Whether you’re a hardcore adventurer, or someone a bit more timid, I think that the all inclusive cruise would be a wonderful way to detox and relax before work picks up again.