What You Need To Know About Visiting London

London is the capital city of England, and it is a lively place that has a rich history and cultural heritage, as well as lots of things to do. While you are sure to enjoy the hustle and bustle of this iconic city, there are some things to share that will make your trip go smoothly. If you are new to the city or want to explore more of it, here is what you need to know about visiting London.

Public Transport

Public transport in London is a great way to get around. Whether you travel by bus or tube, it won’t cost you a small fortune. To save even more money on public transport, get yourself an Oyster Card that can be used for buses and tube trains, and your daily spend on transport can be capped once it reaches a certain amount so you can take additional journeys for free.

There are also lots of taxis, including private cars and the London black cab. If you do take a black cab, prepare for a talkative driver!


London has lots of great attractions, some of which are free like the many museums and art galleries. The Natural History Museum is definitely a place to visit, and The Tate gallery is a must if you want to see some of the best modern and historical works of art.

London is also renowned for its theater scene, so taking in a show is a great idea. Whether you fancy West End musicals, an open-air production, or something modern and challenging, you will find something special in London.

Other famous places to visit in London include the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge, and for shopping try Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Knightsbridge.


Although London is a sprawling city, there are many lush green and peaceful areas to explore. In Richmond Park, you will be able to spot herds of deer, while other parks and gardens offer delightful landscapes and wildlife. Great for picnics, London parks can be a welcome respite from the busy streets.

Tourist Safety

While London is generally considered a safe place to travel, it is always a good idea to be careful. Crowded places like tube stations can be a hunting ground for pickpockets, so make sure you don’t have wallets or money within easy reach.

A tourist from foreign countries needs to take care when crossing roads, especially if they are not used to cars driving on the left.

London is a must-see city destination for many reasons, and has attractions and restaurants that please all tastes. For a great trip to London, it is a good idea to plan a loose itinerary to make the most of what the city has to offer. Take a map and a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in, and explore off the beaten track a little. London is full of hidden treasures that you might not have noticed otherwise!