Top tips for quitting your day job and travelling long-term

Ready to finally ditch the 9-5 in favor of long-term travel? You’ll be joining millions of people who have realised that life is too short to be spending hours in an office with passive-aggressive coworkers each day.

Keep in mind that while giving up your job for a life of travel may sound like a dream, there are also plenty of new things to think about. While life as a digital nomad can be hugely rewarding, here are some top tips you need to know:

Work and travel

Many people decide to save up thousands of dollars and travel long-term until that money runs out. Unfortunately, this often means that they then need to return home to find a new job once their bank account is depleted.

If you’re hoping to completely cut ties with your home country, or you simply don’t want to have to return until you’re ready, why not work and travel instead?

There are plenty of jobs you can do remotely, including web design, copywriting, content strategy, web development, social media management, and more. You can also pad your income with earnings from sites like which allow you to make money while having fun playing a variety of different online games.

Make a plan

While heading of on an adventure to unknown lands may sound romantic and exciting, it’s not always the best plan in real life. Instead, it makes more sense to carefully consider the best destinations to get started. If you’re travelling with a light wallet, it often makes sense to start in cheaper countries until you earn enough money to move on. And if you’re launching a new business or beginning to work remotely, you may also want to consider cities and countries with a digital nomad community, coworking spaces, and social scenes.

Keep a balance

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen those photos of digital nomads with their laptops on the beach. Here’s a secret: The glare from the sun and the heat makes the beach a terrible place to work. Most people will really work in either the mornings or at night and hopefully have a few hours off during the day when they can explore their new destination. But, like any lifestyle, it’s easy for things to fall out of wack. Before you know it, you’ve got a massive deadline and you haven’t left your room for four days, or you’ve spent too much time partying and you’re not sure how you’ll pay your rent. Be sure to work out which hours you’re most productive, and work plenty of fun into your schedule as well.