Top 3 Tips to Motivate You to Run

I love running; it’s great exercise, makes you feel healthy and keeps you slim. The only problem I have is that I tend to love running after the fact. I find it pretty hard to motivate myself to run, despite enjoying it. If you’re new to running, want to run but just don’t enjoy it, or simply need a little bit extra motivation, this post is for you. If you are looking for a different kind of motivation, check out this Motivational speaker in Toronto.


Get Committed

The best way to stay on track with anything, is to get committed. Having a clear goal will help you stay on track. One of the best things is to commit to running a race – whether it’s a full marathon, half marathon or even just some kind of short distance race. It will give you a time frame, a clearly defined goal, in terms of distance, and a date that you’ll have to compete. You don’t need to be an incredible runner to set this kind of goal but at least you must have the basic needs in running to start with,  it’s just about committing and working towards it. There are lots of options from fun colour runs to the Chicago half marathon, or if you’re looking for something even more crazy, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon would be a lot of fun.

Track Your Running

If you have a smart phone, then you’re set. There are so many different free running apps you can download from the various running stores to track your running progress. This is a great way to see how your speed, endurance and overall performance are improving. You can set goals in terms of time or distance and easily hold yourself accountable. I personally like to keep a total of the distance that I’ve run each week and month as I find it really encouraging when it’s all added up together.


Be Realistic

You can’t expect to go from 0 to running a marathon in a week – or even two. You’ll need to be realistic about where your fitness is, so you can make serious improvements. If you are too hard on yourself or set too high expectations, you’ll find yourself worn out, disappointed and your motivation will likely disappear. Be realistic, appreciate your achievements and you’ll find your motivation remains high!

Running is a great way to keep in shape, maintain a good figure and keep yourself healthy so why not give it a go.