Best DIY projects this summer

Summer is nearly here so it’s time to get out doors and start on some summer DIY projects for around the home. If you are stuck for ideas then I have rounded up some of best projects you can undertake this summer.

Replace the old deck

Are you sick and tired of constantly having to water blast your decking area or repainting it because of rot and mould? If so, then it’s time for an upgrade to composite decking. Composite decking will help you save money over time as you no longer need to repair or maintain it due to its long durability. Not mention it looks super nice too, adding a great touch to your outdoor area.


Create a vegetable patch/garden

Making dinner from you own vegetable garden is pretty awesome, so why not get on to planting or making your own vegetable garden at home. You don’t need too much space to grow your own veggies. If you don’t have a large area in the garden already, consider building a large planter box or getting some large planter pots. Plant or your favourite vegetables and herbs and enjoy them summer long.

Build the kids a playground

If you have wee ones then a great DIY project for the home is to build the kids a playground. You can add a swing set, slide or if you want to go all out maybe even a tree house. If you don’t have room or budget for a full playground then consider adding in a sandpit. So easy to make, cheap and will keep the kids entertained for hours over the summer months.


Build an outdoor entertaining area

Entertaining friends over the summer is great fun, but not if you don’t have anywhere to host them. Create an area you are proud of and will make you want to eat dinner outside every day of the week over the summer months. Look into getting a built in bbq, or perhaps even a woodfire oven with a large outdoor dining set. Add an outdoor lounge area with comfortable seats and cushions for lazy summer days in the sun.  Summer is supposed to be spent outdoors so create a space with as much care as you would for rooms inside your home. Make sure you also add some shade to escape under when the midday heat strikes.