Europe Ski holidays on a budget

Winter is just around the corner in the Northern hemisphere however it’s not time to put away that suitcase just yet. Rather then hibernating this winter why not get out there and go for a winter holiday. Ski holidays are always a great option and you can pick up some awesome online deals with Cosmos. Your skiing holiday doesn’t need to break the bank either when using these tips for booking a ski holiday on a budget.


Get a packaged deal

A great way to save on ski holidays is to book as an all in one package deal, where your transport, accommodation and lift passes are included. Often booking agents will be able to give you a good discount when everything is bundled together.

Look out for cheaper ski resorts

Not all ski resorts are super expensive in Europe, so do your research online and compare prices. Cervinia in Italy, Mayrhofen in Austria or Les Carroz in France are all cheaper options for your ski holiday.

Avoid certain dates

Prices for transport and accommodation are all going to sky rocket if you plan to go on a school holiday or long weekend. So look at booking off peak or even mid week to save.


Get a group of friends together

You can get some great savings if you go a on a ski holiday with a big group of mates. The more people you have the more ways you can split costs on petrol, food and accommodation. Never mind the more fun you can have when it is a big group.

Hire a house or chalet

Rather then going for fancy hotel accommodation hire a local house or ski chalet. That way you will have access to a kitchen and can cook up a storm making huge savings on food costs.

Get an early bird season’s pass

If you think you’ll be doing a few ski trips this winter, then best way to save on lift costs is to get an early bird season’s pass for your favourite ski resort. If you’re a student then look to see if they have student deals too, as this can save you hundreds.

Rent or borrow gear

Don’t think you need to buy all the latest expensive gear in order to enjoy your trip. Ask around friends and family to see if they have any gear you can borrow and if not all ski villages have rental stores. If you do want to buy then look online for second hand gear.