His and Hers: What to Wear to your Partner’s Christmas Party

Finding an outfit to attend your partner’s Christmas party is hard to do and you want it to be perfect. It’s all about dressing to impress, but also being appropriate for the occasion. You are there to support your partner, so it’s important to get it right, but also to look amazing. Pay attention to dress codes to avoid a fashion faux pas, but also have some fun. Keep reading for his and her outfit ideas that will see you and your partner through the Christmas season in style.

For him: Smart-casual

Most events seem to opt for a ‘smart-casual’ dress code, which can actually be the hardest to dress for without under or overdressing. An easy way to nail an effortlessly well-dressed look for men is to opt for chinos, a button-up shirt and a leather jacket. Leather jackets are more casual than a blazer, but still smart enough for an evening event. Check out menswear retailers like Politix that have a range of leather jackets and choose a fitted style in black or brown for greatest versatility.


For her: Smart-casual

For women, smart-casual can be even more of a challenge. To avoid the dreaded clothing crisis, try the underrated combination of jeans with high heels, which looks amazing and effortless. Dressing down your heels with jeans means you can really have fun with the shoes, so choose bright colours and maximum height. Opt for skinny jeans in a dark navy or black, to keep the outfit smart enough and avoid any styles with rips or tears. Select a dressy, floaty top or even a fitted white button-up blouse to finish off the look. Avoid a low neckline, as you want to keep the attention on your legs and fabulous shoes.

For him: Cocktail

For a cocktail party, men should wear suit jackets and dress trousers. You can mix and match items like these if you like, though a traditional suit is perhaps the easiest option. Stick to subdued tones; you are there to support your partner after all, so it’s best not to choose anything too flashy. Ties aren’t necessarily required, but if you aren’t sure, play it safe with a thin, black tie for a modern and yet smart look. Oxfords are the best choice for stylish and formal footwear.


For her: Cocktail

A cocktail party requires a dress with a hemline falling somewhere in between mid-thigh and mid-calf, depending on your preference. Choose a flattering style in black, navy or deep jewel tones to make sure you look formal enough for the occasion. The little black dress is always a safe and elegant option, so take notes from Audrey Hepburn and choose a below the knee style with flair. Pair with kitten heels and add some sparkle with your favourite jewellery for a truly stylish ensemble.

What will you be wearing to your partner’s Christmas party this year? Have you had a fashion faux pas at a work event before? Share your stories and suggestions for his and hers outfits in the comments below.