Taking some solo time out in Cyprus

Traveling on your own can be amazing, but it can also be incredibly hard work. If the hectic flight schedules, hostel booking and endless city tours are taking their toll, then what you need is a ‘travelcation’.This is a few days taken out to relax, take stock and recharge your batteries. In Europe you’re in luck, as the sun, sea and sand of Cyprus holidays are never more than a short flight away with First Choice.

Positioned at the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), Cyprus is a classic beach holiday destination, and a perfect get-away for the solo traveler. Bustling and beautiful, the island has everything you would expect from a holiday in the Med and a few surprises too.


If you only have a few days, then the city of Paphos, on the island’s west coast, is your first port of call to get acquainted with the Cypriot vibe. The mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Paphos city is divided in two; inland Ktíma and waterside Káto Páfos, where most of the resort facilities are located. As the sun goes down, the marina is a great place for relaxing with a cold beer and watching the world go by. You’re bound to meet a friendly ex-pat resident or local to give you tips on what else to see on your trip.

During the day Kato Paphos’ small strip of beach comes alive with sun worshippers – get there early if you want to grab a sun-lounger. And if you can tear yourself away from the sands, do visit the impressive Tomb of the Kings. Situated 2km north of Kato Paphos, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a collection of preserved tombs and chambers dating as far back as the third century BC. Half a day wandering round these ancient tombs will give you a fascinating insight into Europe’s ancient past. Well worth a visit.


After a day or two in Paphos, hop over to the other side of island to the Larnaca region. Although home to the legendary Ayia Napa nightlife area, there is much more to do here besides clubbing. In fact, lone travelers are probably best to clear of this area at night, as rowdy hen and stag parties tend to take over. Nissi Beach, a resort town a mile along the coast, is much more relaxed with a great beach and promenade for prime people watching. Here, sample Cyprus’ cuisine – an eclectic mix of Mediterranean, southern European and Middle Eastern influences. Larnaca also possesses some excellent scuba diving sites – a group dive is a great way to meet others while taking in some of the best underwater views in the med.

A classic holiday destination where you can do as much or as little as you want? It’s easy to see why travelers around Europe take short trips to Cyprus to re-charge and refresh. And if you become a little too comfortable, you know where to come next time you need a break from it all.


Mandy Milner is a holiday rep working around Spain and loving every minute of it. She is keen to go to Asia and likes to blog her crazy events while she travels around.