27°44’55.40″N, 15°34’24.63″W De zandduinen van Maspalomas

Family fun, or party the night away: Welcome to Playa del Ingles!

Gran Canaria is a summer or winter holiday dream. Whatever the month, you will find temperate weather, and in summer you can expect a scorching backdrop to your annual two weeks in the sun. There are many things to do in Gran Canaria, which make it a family favourite break, but the nightlife also pulls the party crowd, so you could certainly argue that it fits the age old cliché of offering something for everyone.


Relaxation will be the name of the time you are on the island, as the pace of life is slow and laid-back, so be sure to start your holiday in the same vein, before you even leave the house. I always check my flight information online in the days and hours leading up to my departure from my home, ready to get to the terminal door. Last week I did just that, checking my BA flight status fairly often, just to be sure! Thankfully I was suitably reassured that all was well, and it meant that I set off to the airport firmly in the holiday mood, and not worried about what would greet me when I arrived at the check-in desk.

Once you arrive in Playa del Ingles you will notice almost immediately that you won’t be stuck for something to do. The main pull of the resort is probably going to be the beach, and the long stretch of white sand, 3km if you want to be technical, is where you will more than likely be spending the bulk of your time! Having said that, maybe you’re a pool person, and in that case, you will find your hotel or apartment will have facilities to suit you.


Set on the southern tip of the island, Playa del Ingles is perfectly placed to explore the island further, with the huge sand dunes of Maspalomas only a short bus ride away. If you prefer to stay in your resort however, you won’t be bored, with water-sports on hand to give you a welcome cool down from the intensity of the sun. Alternatively, a sunset walk along the 2km-long promenade might be the ideal way to wind down.

Like the rest of the Canaries, Gran Canaria has duty free status, making it a haven for shoppers, and Playa del Ingles has plenty of opportunities for just that.

When night falls the choice is seemingly endless. Bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, you name it. The Kasbah Centre is a popular go-to, and there is also a thriving gay scene in this particular resort too.

No matter what you want from your holiday, this is one resort that will certainly serve it to you on a very large plate indeed.