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The Renovator’s Guide To Wasted Space

As new properties become smaller, and we acquire more possessions, space has never been more essential. Even if you have a good-sized space, it can be wasted if you’re not using it well or failing to manage your storage options correctly. Renovating your wasted space could help create more efficient storage solutions. It might expand your living space, or even create a whole new room for your home.

Do you have a spare room? Is it useable as a bedroom or living space, or is it full of junk and things you rarely use? There are so many great uses for a bedroom you rarely need for guests. You could create a home gym, an artist’s studio, a music practice room, or even a home office for your startup business. It’s a practical space that is already well-lit, has a source of fresh air, and is easily accessible. All you need to do is clear it out!

The same can be said for your garage. These are often integral to the house, so why not plan a conversion to make it part of your home? Of course, if storage is installed correctly, this could be the perfect space for a work station, utility, studio, home sauna or gym. Fancy a games room? What about starting your own therapy business from home? The garage is easily accessible from outside the home and can be kept separate if you like. That makes it perfect for a conversion or renovation. Come on, clear it out!

Even if your garage is detached from the main house, you might be able to use the building or the space it occupies more efficiently. If you love to entertain outside, demolishing it could make space for a beautiful garden dining area or even a pool. Have a look at for ideas. You might be able to build a more suitable structure for the purpose you have in mind. Once you’ve reclaimed the space, you can utilize it for anything you like. So how do you get everything cleared out quickly and easily?

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to be a bit ruthless. Wasting time down memory lane with your old junk will suck the motivation and willpower from you. If there really are cherished items amongst the junk, then separate it. If you can’t find a suitable home for it elsewhere, consider letting it go. Have a look at websites like to see if you can hire any help to dispose of the junk you don’t want.

Selling good quality unwanted items can help raise the funds you need to pay for the renovation. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it can take a long time to take the photos and write up each item. Then you have to wait for interested buyers to come along. People visiting your home to see the items might also be inconvenient. Gifting to charitable causes, or recycling these items might be a better approach.

When you have removed all the items from the space, you might find the walls and flooring are dirty or worn. It’s always a good idea to clean these up thoroughly. You might reveal problems with the structure, or damp. Finding it is good. Now you just need to fix the cause and tidy up the mess it has made so you can use the space without any problems.

Some renovations, like conversions, are governed by local planning laws. These vary from region to region. It’s worth having a chat with your local office if you want to use a space for a purpose other than what it was built for. Once you’ve done your checks, make sure building, plumbing and electrical work are signed off by qualified engineers. You need to be certain things are safe in your home. This is also important for your insurance coverage.

By now you may have a lovely clean space, ready for use. It’s always worth giving it a fresh coat of paint, even if it’s only to be used for storage. Painting or decorating will give it a clean and fresh look, and save you from doing the job again for a while. Now all that is left to do is to move your furniture and equipment in and enjoy your newly renovated space.

So what will you use that lovely room for? You might have had a few ideas over the years, yet never got round to it. Have a plan, and give yourself plenty of time to see it through. You’ll love having that extra usable space in your own home.