Top Travel Tips for Hong Kong

Whether you’re stopping over in Hong Kong on the way to somewhere else, or you’re planning to spend a few days seeing everything Hong Kong has to offer, these tips will make your trip easier.

Hong Kong is an incredible place to be, however it can be a little overwhelming as a tourist if it’s your first time there.

Here are some top travel tips for Hong Kong:

Grab a transfer

If you’re getting in after a long flight, the last thing you’ll probably want to do is try to navigate your way from the airport to your hotel. Instead, try Blacklane, which will ensure you have a car waiting for you when you arrive so you can be whisked away to immediately freshen up.

Grab an Octopus Card

If you haven’t heard of an Octopus card, you should definitely grab one when you’re in Hong Kong. It’s kind of like a prepaid debit card, but it’ll make it much easier for you to get around Hong Kong. Instead of fumbling with all your coins as you try to buy your MTR tickets, you can just scan your card and the payment is automatically deducted.

There’s a massive list of places that accept the Octopus card, and these include the Peak Tram, Star Ferry, and even McDonalds and 7-Eleven.

The On-Loan Octopus will be the best option for you, since you’ll just pay a refundable deposit which you’ll get when you return the card.


Stay Central

There are so many hotels available in Hong Kong, that this can be one of the hardest decisions. You’ll need to decide which side you want to stay on- either Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. Many people split their stay up and choose to stay on both sides, which can be a great way to ensure you get to do and see as much as possible.

On Hong Kong Island, your best bet is to stay in the area that’s known as “Central”. There are a bunch of excellent restaurants around here, and it’s close to an MTR station. Airbnb can also be a great option if you’re hoping to save money on food, since you’ll be able to make breakfast and snacks.

Use the MTR

The MTR is the best way to get around Hong Kong, and it’s nice and easy to understand. You can just grab your Octopus card and touch it to get onto the MTR. Simply add your destination into Google Maps, choose public transportation, and Google will tell you how to get to the MTR, which station to get off, and even the best exit.

Eat Cheap

Hong Kong is an expensive place to travel. However there are some great cheap places to eat. Take a food tour, and you’ll be shown where to go to eat with the locals, and some of the cheapest places around. Be sure to try dim sum, BBQ pork, egg tarts, wonton noodle soup, waffles, and more.