Top things to do in Southampton

Located in the South of England, Southampton is a great place to visit for a weekend break or week-long holiday. This old harbourside town used to be the largest port in the U.K dealing with Trans-Atlantic passenger ship travel, including the famous Titanic. Still a very popular port for cruise travel Southampton is also a very easy city to visit in the UK as there are plenty of direct flights from Europe or domestically. Take a look on Flybe to find a flight that suits you.

Whilst a large part of the city was destroyed from WWII, Southampton still offers some great historical sites, as well excellent shopping and watersports. If Southampton is next on your places to visit, then check out these top things to do whilst there.


Explore the city walls

Southampton’s ancient city walls are the third longest unbroken stretch of city walls in Britain. Follow the walls to Mayflower Park, and stop for an afternoon picnic. Also located near the walls is the God’s House Tower, a 12th century ancient hospital. For a full experience then book in a guided walking tour of the walls and medieval vaults.

Old Town

Located to the south of the city centre, Southampton’s Old Town has many spots to visit for it’s old famous residents including Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Henry V and William the Conqueror. The 800 year old Bargate marks the entrance to the ancient city which you can follow all the way to the waters edge. Along the walk are plaques outlining key events from early Roman settlement to the opening of the National Oceanography Centre.

Titanic memorial

Southampton is well known as the city where the Titanic started her maiden voyage to New York, which sadly she never made it to. All through out the city there are numerous Titanic sites that you can visit by taking the Titanic Trail. This is a great way to learn about the cities relationship to the famous ship and includes both the Titanic Engineers Memorial and the Titanic’s Musician’s Memorial.


Surrounding Abbey’s

When visiting Southampton venture out and explore some of the beautiful English countryside and ancient Abbeys. Visit the ruins of Netley Abbey or the beautiful town of Romsey Abbey. Explore the luscious gardens and smell the roses at the beautiful Mottisford Abbey garden.

Go Windsurfing

Believe it or not but Southampton is the windsurfing capital of the United Kingdom and has the number 1 windsurfing spot Poole Harbour. Only half an hours drive from the town this harbor has an area specifically for watersports, making it a great place to go and learn.