Tips for Making your next Road Trip a Success

If you’ve been planning a road trip, you’re probably wondering how you can make it a success, particularly if you’re taking the whole family. The good news is, there are a few things you can do to make sure the trip goes smoothly, and to ensure it’s a memorable and run trip for everyone.

Here are some tips for making your next road trip a success:

Be Prepared

You should always have an in-car tool kit stored in your trunk, and the level of preparation is entirely up to you. A few things definitely need to be included in the tool kit though, including a tire iron, fire extinguisher, reflectors/flares, bottled water, and a first-aid kit. Take it a step further, especially if you’re not traveling in your own country, and consider taking out insurance. If you have any problems with your insurance company covering your Holiday Illness Claims Simpson Millar offer a comprehensive service to ensure your holiday illness claims are taken care of.


Check the car

You may know everything you need to know about ensuring your car is safe and completely maintained, but if you’re not quite sure, leave it to the experts. Pre-trip auto maintenance is crucial if you’re going to be cruising comfortably, so make sure your wiper blades, tire pressure, horn, turn signals, headlights, oil, water, belt and hose connections, and brakes are all in tip-top condition. If you’re looking for a car which is both safe and comfortable, the Volvo XC60 T5 review has been excellent across the board.

Take Snacks

Whether you’re taking kids, or travelling alone, road trips just aren’t going to be any fun if you don’t have snacks on hand. These can make or break the trip if you’re travelling with little ones, as keeping them fed and hydrated can be the difference between sleeping in the carseat, or throwing a tantrum on the side of the road. Choose snacks which are low in sugar, and will fill them (or you) up, like cheese sticks, peanut butter sandwiches, and natural juice boxes.


A good variety of music will fight boredom, especially when you’ve been driving on the highway for hours. Let everyone choose a different CD or playlist, and take turns playing each one, so you don’t get stuck singing nursery rhymes, but the kids still feel entertained.


Take 1 Bag each

While it can be easy to overpack, the 1-suitcase rule is the best way to ensure you won’t be running out of space, or losing important items. Try to use backpacks or soft bags which are easier to store, and remember, the less stuff in the car, the better your gas mileage will be.

Dont over-research

Sure, you want to be prepared, but when it comes to stops, try not to research them in advance, and let them be a surprised for everyone. If you’re taking a road trip you probably won’t be on a rigid schedule, so while you may want to plan where you’re sleeping each night, keep bathroom and meal stops unplanned.

Have some games up your sleeve

This is a must if you’re travelling with kids, so be prepared for endless rounds of “I Spy” or the licence plate game. However be prepared to make up your own games in case you get bored, or research a few beforehand which you know they haven’t played before.