The Best Parking Excuses

If you drive, chances are you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation at least once. Maybe you were caught speeding, maybe your tire blew out or maybe you found yourself with a parking fine. There’s nothing worse than being in a rush to get somewhere and discovering you’ve been hit with a parking fine. In my experience, if you take the time to try to defend the fine you have a pretty good chance of getting off from it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of talking to the parking warden in person if he gives you the ticket by hand, but if it’s left on your windshield you’ll probably want to write in and see if you can get out of it.


Once you’ve committed to disputing your parking fine, you’ll need to come up with a valid excuse that might help you get out of it. If you have a genuine reason why you parked where you shouldn’t, weren’t able to top up the parking meter or why you weren’t able to return to your vehicle in time then go ahead and use that. However, if you don’t really have a good excuse you might need some inspiration.

I suggest the Parking Fine Excuse Generator:

It’s a fun page from Carshop’s website that generates an excuse for your parking predicament. Aside from being absolutely hilarious, it might be the perfect place for you to find some inspiration to get out of your parking dilemma. Parking wardens deal with people trying to get out of their parking tickets on a daily basis, so often their patience wears thin. Using one of these hilarious parking fine excuse generators is a great way to add a little humour into their day while maybe getting out of that pesky ticket.


Will it work? Maybe not, but at least you’ll add a little humour into your day.

Have a look below to easily generate an excuse, it’s as simple as clicking a button. I found the replies so hilarious I actually scrolled through all of them and my favourite excuse was “I’ve never seen that car in my life” said, while the lady is seated in the car. Haha.

Whether you genuinely need an excuse to get out of an existing parking ticket, just want some hilarious excuses incases you find yourself with a parking problem, or want a quick laugh, this little app is perfect! Check it out below: