The one thing you shouldn’t forget – Travel Insurance

Life rarely runs completely smoothly. I mean, we can hope of course, but because of that horrible thing called Sod’s Law, we do have to take a few precautions against life’s little mishaps. These things are sent to test us, but in the case of travel, we have a firm upper hand to combat those things that are sent to test us.

I am of course talking about travel insurance.

If I can offer one piece of advice, in fact a life lesson, never ever, ever travel without booking travel insurance first. There are some things in life that are worth the risk, but this quite frankly is not. Medical travel insurance for holidays is absolutely essential and can wind up being the difference between life and death if you find yourself in an emergency.

If you need further convincing, let’s look at five reasons why I am very right where this is concerned.


In the event of cancellation

You might lose your job, you might be ill, a family member might be ill, your cat might run away and you can’t bear to leave until you’ve found him or her, but whatever the reason, if you have travel insurance then you’re covered. Okay, so the cat reason isn’t going to wash with your insurance company, but the others would.

If you have to cancel your holiday, you stand to lose a lot of money, but if you’re insured, you won’t be out of pocket.

In the event of illness

No-one is invincible; you might think you are, but you’re deluded if you truly believe it, and illness doesn’t wait just because you’re in a sunny place on holiday. Bad timing happens, and if you’re unlucky enough to be ill whilst you’re on holiday, your insurance will cover the cost of your medical treatment, provided you have declared any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of purchasing the policy.

For peace of mind

Nobody wants to go away stressing about the what ifs and maybes of any situation, so knowing that you have the safety net of a travel insurance policy to look after you means you have total peace of mind, and you’re free to enjoy your holiday completely. Inadvertently, stressing about such things will do nothing but make you ill anyway, which then leads you down the slippery slope of point number two.


In the event of lost suitcases and baggage

If you think about how much your luggage is worth, including all the contents and the case itself, then you’ll probably be surprised at the price you come up with. Insuring your belongings in the event of them ending up in Moscow when you’re travelling to Las Vegas means that for the small cost of the excess payment, you’re not going to be totally out of pocket, through no fault of your own.

In the event of interruption

Sometimes life likes to throw a few curveballs, such as your bus breaking down and it causes you to miss your flight, or you’re stuck out at sea on a cruise liner with a sick engine. It really could be anything. Again, without wanting to sound like a stuck record – if you’re insured, you’re covered.

Have I convinced you enough yet?

The risk quite simply isn’t worth it, so book that insurance, print out the necessary details, and throw it in your hand luggage. Hopefully it will never see the light of day again, but if it does, you’ll thank your lucky stars.