Top Essentials for Your Handbag

A woman’s handbag is like a best friend, it goes everywhere with you and has everything you need. Though sometimes it can feel like you are carrying around the kitchen sink on your shoulder. So if you want to lighten your load and have a clean out make sure you still have these top ten essential items, just so you are always prepared.

1. A good deodorant. I don’t leave the house without having a deodorant in my handbag. You never know when you might need this and trust me it will save the day on many occasions.

2. Just like having a good deodorant, it’s just as important to have a perfume in there. A quick couple of sprays and you feel as good as new. Rexona Clinical For Women have a great range of deodorants to suit every girl out there!


3. Baby wipes. These are the next best thing to having a shower and you never know when the time will come that you need to all of a sudden freshen up. Imagine your date from last week calling and wants to go for a last minute drink. Baby wipes will definitely save the day. They also become a very hand makeup remover should you need to do a “clean and reapply” at some point during the day.

4. Tampons. Because you just never know when “that time of the month” may come out surprise you. Plus if it’s not your time, then guaranteed there will be a girl out there who has just been caught out and needs one.

5. A bright coloured lipstick. This can make any bad day turn brighter with one simple application.

6. Plasters. Because us females like to wear extremely uncomfortable shoes that often cause extremely painful blisters. Having plasters in your bag will definitely save you on numerous occasions having to do to embarrassing barefoot walk because your shoes have become unbearable.


7. Hair ties and hair clips. You can never have too many of these in your handbag.

8. Pain relief for those unexpected afternoon headaches or cramps.

9. A healthy snack. It’s so much easier to resist the 3pm chocolate bar if we have a healthy snack on hand. Mine is usually a small bag of dried fruits, nuts and seeds or a healthy muesli bar.

10. A sewing kit. How many times have you had a button pop off your shits in the most inappropriate time? A needle and thread or safety pins are items that will always be needed.